Young Spider-Man Fan Serenaded By Entire Crowd at a Concert on His Birthday

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse was such a huge moment for people who had been waiting to see [...]

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse was such a huge moment for people who had been waiting to see Miles Morales get some time on the big screen. For one young Spider-fan, he got to re-live some of that magic this weekend. Rico Nasty is a rapper that's had an impressive run the last couple of years. On her son's birthday, during one of her concerts, she decided to bring they young dude up on stage for a huge surprise. The rapper then prompted her fans to start singing Swae Lee and Post Malone's hit song, "Sunflower", from Spider-Verse. As the music hit and the crowd cheered, everyone in the room knew this was going to be a special moment. All the lights and sounds unfolded and Rico Nasty's son didn't know exactly what to make of all the attention. In that situation, most young kids would be a little bit shy too. He was holding his favorite Spider-Man action figure with him. (The little dude has impeccable taste in Christmas sweaters as well, Darth Vader is a fun choice!)

If you can watch the video below without some tears welling up, then you aren't human. All of the crowd gets in on the act and starts belting the earworm of a chorus at the top of their lungs. If that wasn't emotional enough, The rapper produces a plastic Spider-Man mask and puts it right on her son as the crowd cheers. It's a pretty awesome moment for a kid on their birthday, and a memory that he won't soon forget.

Spider-Verse is nothing short of a phenomenon at this point and there's a sequel coming soon. The announcement literally upended the Internet for an afternoon this Fall. Phil Lord and Christopher Miller are obviously pumped for another dip into the universe that they created. They previously talked to about possible sequels after the release of the first film.

"I think there's a bunch [of possible characters], and I don't want to say too much because there's a wide breadth of characters that are coming out of the Spider-Man universes now." Christopher Miller said. "And it's really fun to be able to sort of think about plucking ones that you haven't seen before or had something interesting thematic to say."