Spider-man's Screen Time In Captain America Civil War Revealed

(Photo: Marvel Studios)

Now that some early reviews are pouring in, fans are starting to get a better idea of how Captain America: Civil War handles it's marquee hero Spider-Man, and overall the news is positive.

We also now know just about how long the web swinger is in the film, according to a tweet from Mike Sampson. In response to a question about how much time Peter had compared to Spider-Man and how much time total he has, he said "That's about right. Maybe 10 mins of Parker, a good 20 minutes of Spidey."

For the Sony and Marvel agreement to happen so late into pre-production, the fact that Marvel was able to get him close to 30 minutes of screentime is really impressive, and from the same source, Sampson says that Spidey steals the show in the climactic battle between the two teams.

May 6th can't get here soon enough.

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