Stan Lee Wishes Kevin Smith A Speedy Recovery

Kevin Smith suffered a near-fatal heart attack that left him hospitalized early this morning - a situation he himself revealed to fans in an early-morning social media post. Since then, the outpouring of support from celebrities has been constant, including humor-tinged message from one of the Comic Book Men star's biggest inspirations: Marvel Comics creator, Stan Lee!

That's a nice shoutout to get if you're looking for recovery inspiration! And Lee being Lee, he just can't help but also drop some self-promoting line of "humor." Classic Stan Lee.

Ironically, Stan Lee was rushed to the hospital at the start of February, after suffering an irregular heartbeat and shortness of breath. He was released from the hospital shortly thereafter, and has been recovering without incident since then.


In both the case of Stan Lee and Kevin Smith, we're just happy that these serious health scares resulted in successful treatment. Both men are geek culture icons, and the loss of either one will be a sad day for the community.