Stan Lee Picks a Side In Captain America: Civil War


When Stan Lee talked to Marvel on the red carpet for the Captain America: Civil War world premiere, they inevitably asked the question: Are you, the co-creator of many of these characters, Team Cap or Team Iron Man?

Well, The Man made a big show of it (Stan Lee: Showman? Noooo), taking out a coin and flipping it, then saying:

"Captain America," and adding, "No doubt about it!"

He was then asked why, and that's where things got a little funny. "Because Chris Evans is about half an inch taller than Robert Downey Jr. (laughs) That's as good a reason as any, if you have to have a reason!"

After a little more laughter, Lee hedged his bets.

"I don't care, I love them both, they're both going to look real good on screen, and the audience is going to have a tough time deciding. I love them both."

Captain America: Civil War hits theaters May 6, 2016.