Mark Ruffalo Wants in on 'Stranger Things'

Being the Hulk in the Marvel Cinematic Universe just isn't enough for Mark Ruffalo. The Thor: Ragnarok star wants in on Netflix's Stranger Things, too.

Ruffalo appeared on Good Morning America last month during the same episode as several members of the Stranger Things 2 cast. However, the cast was missing Finn Wolfhard who plays Mike Wheeler on the series and Ruffalo, who happens to be a fan of the Netflix series, decided to take the opportunity to try to join the cast in his stead. The actor posted a photo of himself with the cast to his Twitter asking if he could be the new Mike.

While the idea of Ruffalo appearing on Stranger Things is an intriguing concept, it would take a lot of interesting storytelling or a major time jump between season two and season three to explain why Mike went from just a kid to a grown man. And beyond that, fans of Wolfhard, whose band just signed their first record deal, probably wouldn't be too excited to see him replaced.

Fortunately, the official Stranger Things Twitter cleared things up quickly, assuring fans that Wolfhard is irreplaceable, but there might still be room for Ruffalo in the series as an understudy -- if he can master Mike Wheeler's scowl. Considering he's got the Hulk down, he might just have a chance at getting that right, too.

Fans can catch Ruffalo in Thor: Ragnarok in theaters now.


Stranger Things is now streaming on Netflix.