Paul Rudd Spotted at Chiefs Super Bowl Parade

Being a member of the Marvel Cinematic Universe comes with a number of perks, which includes getting the best seats in the house for Super Bowl parades, as Paul Rudd confirmed today during the parade for the Kansas City Chiefs. The event drew in thousands of fans, and, with Rudd being a vocal member of the fan community for various Kansas City teams, it was easy to spot the actor as he made an escorted entry to the event. This victory at the Super Bowl was the first time many fans were able to witness such an event, as they last won the big game back in 1969, a few months before Rudd himself was born.

Earlier this week, Rudd attended the big game and briefly spoke with Fox Sports about his excitement and disbelief of the event.

"It feels like I'm seeing colors for the first time in my life," Rudd shared. "Nothing's better than this, nothing's better."

The actor was joined by his son Jack, who noted that he had become so overwhelmed by the win that he ended up with a nosebleed.

"It doesn't even feel real, it really does not even feel real...I had a bloody nose, I didn't even know it had happened," Jack Rudd shared.

Times have been good for Rudd and fellow Kansas City fans, as the Kansas City Royals won the World Series back in 2015, an occasion which the actor was happy to take part in, regularly showing support for the team during the championship series.

The sprawling nature of the MCU means that its roster of stars results in support for a number of teams, leading to playful rivalries. Throughout much of the recent football season, various members of the MCU had participated in a fantasy football league, regularly taking to social media to tease their co-stars.


Captain America actor Chris Evans has regularly supported the New England Patriots, not only because of the symbolism they shared with his character, but, as a Massachusetts native, they were also his home team. In 2015, the Patriots went up against the Seattle Seahawks, Star-Lord actor Chris Pratt's favorite team, resulting in a bet that would require them to don their superhero costumes to visit regional children's hospitals and, while the Patriots won, both Evans and Pratt dressed as their on-screen heroes to visit young fans.

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