College Football Announcer Invokes Superman and the Avengers During Big Ten Championship Game

Ohio State University won for the third-straight week and they look like they’re heading to the [...]

Ohio State University won for the third-straight week and they look like they're heading to the College Football Playoff. With that victory against the Wisconsin Badgers, Fox Sports announcer Joel Klatt uncorked his Superman and the Avengers reference yet again. Viewers who hadn't heard the previous references were understandably confused by the intentional error. The comments have become something of a running joke with Klatt. Chase Young and the defensive unit for the Buckeyes snared that nickname through their swarming play. Now, the only question is will the nickname make an appearance in the College Football Playoff with Ohio State assumedly making an appearance. They'll probably have to bring better effort in that game as they had to dig out of a 21-7 hole in the first half.

"I don't know if you heard last week, but I was under fire for mixing cosmic forces," the broadcaster said during the previous matchup. "Apparently, I mixed DC and Marvel Comics, which you don't do. Until somebody comes out here and plays like Justin Fields played, and now he's Superman, and the rest of the Buckeyes are the Avengers."

Even more egregiously, his broadcast partner decide to get in on the funny times, "Or you could say he's… he's Spock, and… Darth Vader combined! Now do I get killed for doing that?"

"Oh, they're coming! I said to myself last night, I was like, 'Yeah, I should mix Star Trek and Star Wars.' And then I thought to myself, 'I don't want that Star Wars noise on me.' Oh, man. They were upset last week.
I'm sure they were," Klatt concluded.

Let's hope this doesn't drag all the way to the College Football National Championship because even more people will be tuned in for that game. One barely has to imagine the kind of Twitter uproar that five straight weeks of this could cause. But, the comic book fandom might have mellowed out by then. We'll all have to wait and see.

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