Sylvester Stallone Congratulates Ryan Coogler And Michael B. Jordan On 'Black Panther'

Before Ryan Coogler and Michael B. Jordan tackled Black Panther, they helped bring the world Creed, and their Creed co-star couldn't be happier for their success.

Sylvester Stallone starred alongside Michael B. Jordan in the Rocky spinoff, which was directed by Ryan Coogler. Stallone shared an image of the three from the Creed set and shared a big congrats to the duo on their newest collaboration Black Panther.

"My super congratulations to RYAN COOGLER AND MICHAEL B JORDON two super big talents that I always knew we're going to MAKE IT TO THE VERY TOP ! ! So proud of you guys and the amazing Black Panther! #creed 2 #MGM #marvel"

While Stallone isn't featured in Black Panther, he is a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe family. Stallone showed up in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 as Stakar Ogord, otherwise known as Starhawk, who in the comics is one of the original Guardians.

The three will reunite soon in the Creed sequel, which will bring back one other familiar name from the Rocky franchise. That would be Dolph Lundgren, who will be reprising his role as Ivan Drago. The storyline will put Apollo Creed's son Adonis Creed (Jordan) against Ivan Drago's son 30 years after Dragon killed Adonis' father in the ring.

Coogler and Jordan have established quite the track record so far, and Creed 2 should be no different.

As for Black Panther, the film has done immensely well at the box office in its first week. Black Panther has already had the biggest Monday of all time at the box office, bringing in $40.2 million. That gives it a four day total of $242 million, which is the second biggest four day total of all time (only behind Star Wars: The Force Awakens).


Black Panther is in theaters now.