The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Star Sebastian Stan Doesn't Know When Filming Will Begin Again

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’s Sebastian Stan doesn’t know when filming on the Disney+ [...]

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier's Sebastian Stan doesn't know when filming on the Disney+ series will begin again. He told TV Guide that he had no real timetable for when he and the rest of the cast and crew will be able to return to work. Like many all over the world, their day-to-day experience has been thrown for a loop due to the coronavirus pandemic. Marvel has shut down production of all of their shows and DC has done much of the same since concerns around the virus' spread have heightened in America. Still, Stan is left to wonder, when they can return.

"It's not really at the forefront of my mind. You know, we were lucky to get far enough. We haven't finished. The plan is to go back whenever we can, whenever that might be, to finish. Whenever we can turn this thing around and people can get back together, we can pick back up, but I just don't know at this point."

Earlier today,'s Spencer Perry mulled over the question of if The Falcon and the Winter Soldier could be looking at a delayed release date on Disney+ after all that's happened this year? As with everything that's up in the air because of the virus at this point, it will be cutting it close if it gets finished over the next few months. The company couldn't have imagined such a roadblock when marking out the MCU's slate for the next few years at San Diego Comic-Con last summer.

"Before the show's Prague-set production was canceled, it was revealed on the Walt Disney Company first-quarter investor call that the series would debut in August of this year. That date now seems a little unlikely with all of the changes to the production schedule, the inability to film new sequences, plus the rumor of major re-writes to remove a pandemic plotline (which can't be re-shot at this point either). We should note that as of this writing there has been no indication from Marvel Studios or Disney that The Falcon and the Winter Soldier will be delayed; but with major production delays already in effect, and no sign of a return to the norm anytime soon, it's possible that the series may not arrive until later in the year. Even AMC's The Walking Dead, which was scheduled to wrap up its 10th season in just three weeks, will not air the season 10 finale due to delays in the post-production schedule."

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