The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Faces Rumored Script Rewrites Due to Coronavirus Outbreak

By now, filming on The Falcon and The Winter Soldier is likely on the downward slope of principal photography, likely leading to a wrap on filming in a matter of weeks. At one point, the production was supposed to shift to Puerto Rico, something that changed when the territory suffered a series of massive earthquakes. Now, scooper Charles Murphy suggests the production may have made a pretty substantial tweak to at least one plotline involved in the Disney+ show.

As Murphy points out, the earliest reports and rumors from the set of the show suggested the series would at least deal in part with a bioterrorism threat of sorts. The scooper points out the fact all production is happening under the business umbrella of Pandemic Productions, LLC could be a telltale confirmation of that plot thread.

Because of the growing concern of the spread of the novel coronavirus around the world, Murphy says he's heard "a growing number of whispers" saying Disney is trying to get ahead of the curve by rewriting — and subsequently reshooting — the parts of the show with this particular thread in it so as not to include the pieces in the show. It's expected the arc was contained in the "first couple of episodes."

Again at this stage, it's nothing but a rumor and Murphy makes it evident he's heard it as such — and to be frank, it's something that will likely be impossible to prove save an official statement from Disney. Either way, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier star Anthony Mackie previously told us he and the entire team on the show are running full steam ahead to get the show done.

"Don't fail halfway. But it's been fun, man. There's so much stuff going on in the Marvel Universe since Disney has gotten involved, and we have a really supportive team. It's Victoria [Alonso] and Louis [D'Esposito] and Kevin [Feige] and all the other guys over there—we always have people we can talk to if we feel like stuff isn't going right. So it's been great. We've definitely stumbled a few times, but we're running full steam ahead to get these shows done."


The Falcon and The Winter Soldier hits Disney+ this August.