'The Gifted' Actor Reveals If Polaris Will Learn About Her True Heritage

The latest superhero show on FOX puts an interesting twist on the world of the X-Men, though there [...]

The latest superhero show on FOX puts an interesting twist on the world of the X-Men, though there are some familiar elements that fans will recognize in The Gifted.

The series sees popular mutant Lorna Dane AKA Polaris in her live-action debut, and because of her extensive history in Marvel Comics lore fans are wondering if those relationships will play out on the small screen.

ComicBook caught up with Polaris actor Emma Dumont at New York Comic Con to discuss her characters actions after learning she is pregnant where she dropped a major reference toward Lorna's legacy.

"She does not want to bring a mutant child into a world where she has to be worried that that child will be killed," said Dumont. "So she's going full Magneto, she wants to fight for the mutants. She wants to stick it to the man and no one's going to stop her."

When asked to elaborate on those hints, the actor didn't shy away.

"There's no hint; she's Magneto's daughter, we all know it," Dumont said. "She's heard rumors about who her true father is. I think she knows that her biological dad is not actually her biological dad. But of course she's heard rumors from different people. He was a villain, he was a bad guy, he has the wrong beliefs, he hurt people. So she's kind of struggling with this, thinking 'I'm that way. I think those things… What does that mean for me? Am I bad or am I good? No, I'm good. I want the right things.' So she has the same aggression and stubbornness."

Dumont ended by saying "She's a daddy's girl," with a smile, "She's her father's daughter."

During the panel, Dumont confirmed that the character will learn more about her parentage when she said "she will find out about it soon enough."

So even if she escapes from prison, Polaris will still have a lot to deal with between learning her familial history and dealing with becoming a parent in her own right. So don't expect things on The Gifted to get any easier for Dumont's character.

The Gifted airs Mondays on FOX.