'The Gifted' Reveals Comics-Accurate Headgear For Polaris

The Marvel Television show on FOX is taking one step closer to comics accuracy, with The Gifted [...]

The Marvel Television show on FOX is taking one step closer to comics accuracy, with The Gifted finally giving the mutant master of magnetism known as Polaris a look fans will be familiar with.

Lorna Dane actress Emma Dumont posted new photo on social media of her character wearing a green headpiece, looking faithful to Polaris' appearances in the pages of X-Men comics. While she's not wearing the singlet and cape, she is wearing a chainmail top which seems much more applicable for her powers, capable of becoming a weapon at a whim.

This brand new look for Polaris is just one way The Gifted is honoring the comics. There will be much more coming in future of the episodes, according to Dumont herself.

"Later on in the season, there's an entire episode dedicated to Lorna's background, how she gets the way she is, how she grew up, and there are even references to how her parents passed in the plane crash, which we know, comic book readers know, that that was because of Lorna," Dumont said to ComicBook.com on the set of The Gifted. "It was her fault. So that's very tragic."

Dumont was hinting at issue #243 of X-Factor, which revealed Polaris' true origin story. In the comics thus far, Lorna was born to human parents, but the issue showed that they were actually her aunt and her uncle. Her mother actually had an affair with Magneto, and her father confronted her mother about it while they were flying on a private plane.

The incident caused a lot of stress on the young Lorna, whose powers manifested and she ended up destroying the plane in mid-air and killing her parents. Magneto sensed her powers and rescued her, and with the aid of Mastermind he wiped these memories away. She was then raised by her aunt and uncle, though the truth eventually came out.

It remains to be seen how much The Gifted will play up this connection, as they've only hinted at the X-Men, the Brotherhood, and Magneto without directly mentioning these popular characters. We'll find out in the coming episodes.

The Gifted airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on FOX.