'The Gifted' Season 2 First Photo Teases Polaris' Baby is Coming

FOX and Marvel Television have finally revealed the first look at their X-Men survival series The [...]

FOX and Marvel Television have finally revealed the first look at their X-Men survival series The Gifted, returning for Season Two this fall. But there's a major change ahead for one of the main players, who just took a trip to the dark side.

Polaris ended Season One by breaking from the Mutant Underground to join the Hellfire Club, all in an effort to protect her unborn child from a world that hates and fears her kind. But even though she didn't have a baby bump in the finale, Season Two will see Polaris go into labor early on.

Take a look at the photo below:

the gifted season 2 polaris pregnant
(Photo: FOX / EW)

The reveal from Entertainment Weekly indicates The Gifted Season Two will take place six months after the events of the finale, which is why Polaris is getting ready to have her and
Eclipse's child.

"We've never seen in any Marvel media, and sort of show or TV, a mutant pregnancy and then a mutant delivery," said Polaris actor Emma Dumont. "This is kind of a pinnacle moment. I feel very honored to be part of Marvel history in this way. It's super cool!"

But it doesn't look like a smooth pregnancy, as she's flanked by a worried trio of Andy Strucker, one of the Frost sisters, and newcomer Reeva Payge.

Cast members Emma Dumont (Polaris) and Percy Hynes White (Andy) return to their respective roles, with the promoted regular Skyler Samuels (the Frost sisters) and Grace Byers (Reeva) joining the series.

As a part of the leadership of the Hellfire Club called the Inner Circle, Reeva has a vested interest in seeing Polaris' survive the delivery of her child.

"They have big plans, and Polaris is a big part of those plans," said creator and showrunner Matt Nix.

Reeva is a mutant who can generate sonic blasts that scramble people's minds, so she'll definitely be a formidable foe for humans and the Mutant Underground alike. And just because her and Polaris are on the same side doesn't mean there won't be tension. Expect to see the master of magnetism butt heads with her new leaders in the upcoming episodes.

The Gifted returns to FOX on September 25th. Expect to learn a lot more about Season Two of the series next week during San Diego Comic-Con.