'The Punisher's Ben Barnes Discusses [SPOILER]

The latest series from Marvel features Frank Castle's return to Netflix, putting him in the midst [...]

The latest series from Marvel features Frank Castle's return to Netflix, putting him in the midst of a conspiracy involving a man he thinks is his best friend.

Warning: Spoilers for The Punisher below.

While Billy Russo might have served alongside Frank in the military, Marvel Comics fans know the character is destined to become Jigsaw in The Punisher. Actor Ben Barnes spoke with EW about his character's fateful confrontation with Castle, leaving him with the scars that gave him his name.

"You know, when Jon [Bernthal]'s in that skull vest and full makeup and bearing down on you, there's a real violence in his eyes that you can't prepare for," said Barnes. "And we were filming all night in the middle of the freezing cold in winter, so it was quite exhilarating, to be honest. But the way the face is destroyed, there was no way of filming that without becoming very uncomfortable, because there's a man grabbing your head by the back of your hair and slamming it into a mirror repeatedly."

Though the show serves as a showcase for the Punisher's vengeance, it also consists of an origin of Jigsaw.

"You see Billy become the word that I'm still not allowed to say, apparently," Barnes said, indicating that he's not allowed to say the word "Jigsaw."

"No, I pride myself on never having said the word yet outside of doing a puzzle at home. I respect Marvel's wishes to the letter… You can say it. I can't," Barnes said.

Since his character was left alive, the actor teased some future developments for a potential Season Two of The Punisher.

"Anyway, it's interesting, you know, I always make parallels to the Joker character in Batman, where he's the antagonist that can't be killed," Barnes said. "There's no question that Frank has the desire to kill Billy and that he's never had trouble killing anybody before, but there's this combination of having felt so deeply for him and knowing there's something in Billy that is maybe good at his core. Jon played it in this very interesting way.

"Billy seems finished, but in Billy's mind, it's just the beginning. I don't know the beginning of what …. There was a lot of talk in the finale about, when he wakes up, who will he be, what will he remember? That's something I'm definitely very interested in finding out. When a character who represents narcissism has the way they see themselves taken away, he's going to have to take a very long look at himself, and I'm intrigued to see what comes of that."

The Punisher is now streaming on Netflix.