'The Punisher' Releases New Teaser With Frank Castle

Despite the confidential release date, Netflix is promoting The Punisher like it’s set to drop [...]

Despite the confidential release date, Netflix is promoting The Punisher like it's set to drop any day now.

The latest promo comes in the form of a motion poster featuring Jon Bernthal as the title character, looking as menacing as usual. The infamous skull imagery becomes superimposed over his face before cutting to a title card, promising the show will be released at some point this year.

Check it out below!

The Punisher features Frank Castle in hiding after the events of Daredevil Season Two. He's since taken out the gangsters, mobsters, and cartel members involved with his family's death, living a quiet life with the world thinking he too has been killed.

But a conspiracy pops up and drags him back in, leading him to find the true reason his family was targeted and what it has to do with his time in the armed forces.

Bernthal has spoken at length about his respect for the character and wanting to portray him accurately and definitively. He's also recognized his reverence among military and law enforcement, hoping to portray armed services and its effects on people with nuance and care.

"I know how important he is to so many people — I've said before that I know how important this character is to people in law enforcement and the military," said Bernthal in an interview with GQ. "That's something that means an enormous amount to me. Guys putting the Punisher insignia on their body armor and their equipment as they've gone into battle and fight for this country, that's something I take very seriously."

Netflix has yet to announce when it will be live on their streaming platform, but given all of the redacted teases related to a mystery date in 2017, don't be surprised if it debuts out of the blue.

There will be a spotlight panel at New York Comic Con next week, maybe some more light will be shed on the release date then.

The Punisher will hit Netflix sometime this year.

The PunisherSunday at on Netflix

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