The Rock Responds To Avengers: Endgame Directors Inviting Him To Join Their Superhero Fantasy Football League

Football season is here, and that means fantasy football is in full swing. Avengers: Endgame [...]

Football season is here, and that means fantasy football is in full swing. Avengers: Endgame directors Joe and Anthony Russo have teamed with ESPN's Matthew Berry to start their own fantasy league with a bunch of superheroes and now they want Dwayne "The Rock Johnson" in the fold. The wrestling superstar sounds like he's ready to enter the fray when his time comes next season.

The Rock responded to their message under his retweet of Ryan Reynold's trash talk to Karen Gillan from their matchup. He told the Endgame directors to "not threaten him with a good time." The action star is a bit of a real-life superhero like the Russos alluded to and his inclusion makes sense because he'll be Black Adam at some point in the near future.

In other drama from that fantasy league, Gillan and Reynolds have been going back and forth heading into the weekend. The video responses to each other have been nothing short of wild to watch from the outside. Reynolds kicked things off with some comments about how he didn't wanna talk trash at Gillan, maybe Chris Evans instead, but he would give it a go because of the Russo Brothers request.

The Deadpool actor proceeded to let that tirade fly at his friend. About 99% of it was bleeped out for both comedic effect and because it would make you blush. The entire video is very funny, but Gillan's response ratcheted the beef up to another level. The actress decided to get some props to prove that actions speak louder than words. Gillan got a Deadpool toy and lit it on fire, but there was one problem. The toy was actually Spider-Man.

Her joke was so well-timed that the mistake was part of the act. Reynolds has also joked about the resemblance between his character and Spidey in the past. Unfortunately, the Spider-Man action figure has seen better days. She even managed to put the audio from Peter Parker's heart-wrenching death in Avengers: Infinity War behind the final slide of the video. It's very funny, but decidedly dark.

It is only a couple of weeks into football season, but there will be so much more trash talk to come. Reynolds will have something planned if he wins the week. And with that strong performance, Gillan has a massive joke left in the tank if she brings home a victory. As for The Rock, he'll have to wait his turn to get in on the fun. But, by next season, it sounds like he could be the one laying the SmackDown.

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