The Russo Brothers Are "Always" Talking To Marvel Studios

Anthony Russo and Joe Russo have left their fingerprints on some of Marvel's biggest movie. The [...]

Anthony Russo and Joe Russo have left their fingerprints on some of Marvel's biggest movie. The Russo Brothers, an impressive directing duo, began their Marvel journey with Captain America: The Winter Soldier before going on to bigger ensembles with Captain America: Civil War, Avengers: Infinity War, and Avengers: Endgame. While their tenure within Marvel Studios may have come to end when they released the biggest movie of all time which culminated the Infinity Saga, Anthony Russo and Joe Russo may ultimately find themselves behind another Marvel film in the future. The duo are constantly talking with the team there.

Right now, the Russo Brothers are looking forward to the release of their AGBO Films product Extraction, which brings a member of th Marvel family into the director's chair for his feature debut. However, in talking to about the upcoming release, co-head of AGBO Films Joe Russo opened up about the potential for a return to Marvel Studios.

"We've talked to [Marvel chief creative officer] Kevin [Feige] and [Marvel Studios co-president] Lou [D'Esposito] all the time at Marvel. [Marvel Studios executive Vice President of Production] Victoria [Alonso]. They're all your friends of ours. Texting, seeing how everyone's doing. We get together with Lou for regular dinners once a month and there's always conversations going on. I think, you know, when we all land on with the right project is for us all to team back up on what, we'll jump in feet first for sure."

Some fans have their fingers crossed that the Russo Brothers will head up a Secret Wars movie for Marvel Studios, a project they have teased interest in in the past but there's no word on whether that will come to fruition just yet.

Still, fans can look forward to the directing/producing duo connecting with their favorite Avengers stars in the future. "We'd love to do something with Robert Downey, we're talking about a few things with him," Joe Russo told in an interview on Friday. "There's another project for talking to [Chris] Evans about, there's two more projects we're talking to Hemsworth about. There's something else we're talking to Holland about. We love our family, our Marvel family. We all spend a lot of time together, had a lot of laughs together. We enjoy working together and that's a priority for my brother and I. We have to love the creative aspects of a project as much as we love the people we're going to go work with on it so that everyone has great quality of life."

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Extraction is available on Netflix on April 24.

(Photo: Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images)