'Thor: Ragnarok' Is Currently Marvel's Highest Rated Movie Ever On Rotten Tomatoes

It's no secret that Marvel Studios films have a great track record of being embraced by both [...]


It's no secret that Marvel Studios films have a great track record of being embraced by both audiences and critics. While superhero films have almost always found success with audiences, critics have not always been so kind, so Marvel Studios record is unusually strong.

In fact, of the seventeen Marvel Cinematic Universe films listed on Rotten Tomatoes, none of them have been classified as rotten. The lowest rated of the seventeen films is Thor: The Dark World, which has a 66% approval rating with critics.

While Marvel's last Thor film might have been its lowest-rated film, Thor: Ragnarok is currently the Marvel Cinematic Universe's highest rated film. Thor: Ragnarok initially launched with a 100% perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes. The rating has now dropped to 98%, but that number is still 4% above the next highest-rated film, Iron Man, which sits at a 94% positive rating.

While Thor: Ragnarok hasn't been released in theaters yet and there will be more reviews to come, there's a good chance the film could hold onto its title as the highest-rated film of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Thor: Ragnarok has only one negative review out of the forty-seven reviews posted to Rotten Tomatoes so far.

Iron Man has close to six times as many reviews on Rotten Tomatoes as Thor: Ragnarok, but if you look at the ratios, Thor: Ragnarok has a good chance at still coming out ahead. Iron Man has seventeen rotten reviews out of its total two hundred and sixty-eight reviews. If Thor: Ragnarok maintains its current ratio of rotten reviews to total reviews, the film will only have around 6 rotten reviews when it reached a similar level of reviews to Iron Man.

Of course, there's always the possibility that Thor: Ragnarok could receive a flurry of negative reviews as more reviews come in, but things are looking pretty good for the film so far. In ComicBook.com's anticipated ratings, Thor: Ragnarok is currently ranked second with an average anticipated rating of 4.17.