'Thor: Ragnarok' Critics TV Spot Released

The debut of Thor: Ragnarok might still be a few weeks away, but a new promo is highlighting the positive buzz it already has.

The promo, which was unveiled on Marvel Studios' Twitter account, showcases some of the positive words critics have already said about the film, deeming it "a triumph" and "a majestic spectacle". You can check it out below.

The promo shows a menagerie of footage for Ragnarok, most of which are familiar to fans. A few new shots, such as an awesome shot of Thor (Chris Hemsworth) summoning his armor, and a new scene between Thor and Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson), can be seen.

Thor: Ragnarok has received pretty high praise in recent weeks, with early reviews having plenty of nice things to say about Taika Waititi's take on the Thor franchise. The film launched with a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, something that's surprising even for Marvel Studios.

While fans will have to wait and see exactly how Ragnarok debuts, it seems like Marvel is pretty confident about the picture's success. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige recently hinted at Waititi's return to the MCU, ahead of the film receiving pretty significant early box office projections.


Thor: Ragnarok lands in theaters on November 3rd.