'Thor: Raganarok' Director Wants To Make A Funny Black Widow Movie

Now that Thor: Ragnarok is about to premiere in theaters, director Taika Waititi can relax and [...]

Now that Thor: Ragnarok is about to premiere in theaters, director Taika Waititi can relax and watch as the money rolls in, soaking in the adoration of the fans. But instead, he's thinking about what Marvel movie he wants to make next.

While discussing his future with io9 on the eve of the third Thor movie's premiere, Waititi said he'd want to make another comedic film focused on a different Avenger.

"In all honesty, I reckon I could probably bring something pretty unique to any of the franchises," said Waititi. "So I'd love to see Black Widow."

Given Natasha Romanoff's status as an elite super spy, she could easily find herself in some precarious situations.

"[I'd like to see] Black Widow as something crazy and a bit funnier than we expect it to be," Waititi said. "Because we know her story and it's very sullen and very dark and her history is very dark. But! What's the funny version of that? What's the more entertaining version of that?"

The director explained his reasoning for gravitating to a character like Black Widow, who before her appearance in 2012's The Avengers seemed to be on the cusp of obscurity.

"I really go for the underdog," Waititi said. "[And] I think there's a way in with any of the characters. You just have to find it and find what honors what's already there with the source material but also brings it into a more entertaining form for the audience."

Fans have been clamoring for Black Widow movie for a long time. Scarlett Johansson has been asking to make one. And Kevin Feige almost seems open to the idea. But will we get one?

Thor: Ragnarok has proven that Waititi can handle a big-budget epic, and all of his movies have been wildly different from each other. So could he handle a spy-fi film that blends high-octane action with gut-busting laughs? There's only one way to find out.



Thor: Ragnarok premieres in theaters on November 3.