New 'Thor: Ragnarok' TV Spot Shows Thor on the Throne of Asgard

The latest TV spot for Thor: Ragnarok is here, and this time the God of Thunder is sitting on the Asgardian throne.

Posted to the official Thor Twitter today, the short clip shows a short-haired Thor seated on the throne with a none-too-pleased Hela approaching and letting him know that he's "in her seat." Check out the clip below.

It has long been assumed that Thor: Ragnarok would see Thor finally taking over from his father, Odin, as ruler of Asgard, but the path to the God of Thunder's rule isn't exactly a straight line. For starters, the last time fans saw Odin, he wasn't exactly himself with Loki sitting on the throne in disguise. Additionally, if fans look carefully, it's short-haired Thor sitting on the throne. As Thor doesn't get a haircut until after Hela crushes Mjolnir, it's safe to guess that Thor's ascension to the throne comes after his time on Sakaar.

Of course, Hela coming for the throne will be a challenge all its own for Thor. In the clip, Loki can be heard pointing out that the Goddess of Death is stronger than both he and Thor, and it looks like she might just have the hero by the throat at one point in the clip. However, that's not going to stop Thor from trying to prevent the end of everything from the woman he declares to be "just the worst."

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Thor: Ragnarok opens in theaters on November 2, 2017.

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