Utah Movie Theater Had Their Liquor License Threatened Over Showing Deadpool


A Utah movie theater is threatening to sue the Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control after they were summoned to an administrative hearing for screening Deadpool while serving alcohol.

The theater's liquor license could theoretically be threatened by the "grave violation," which could also carry up to $25,000 in fines. While it's allowed for theaters to serve alcohol during movies, a law in the state says that alcohol cannot be served while there is full nudity or sexual acts on film.

This is the second time Brewvies in Salt Lake City has faced such charges; previously they paid over $1,000 for screening The Hangover Part III.

Fox 13 in Salt Lake City, whose story is embedded above, obtained a document from the undercover agents who went to see the film, bought a beer, and made observations like "The main character (male) in the film is shown numerous times engaging in acts or simulated acts of sexual intercourse with the female counterpart during a holiday themed sex-montage."

The Brewvies owner is apparently so appalled at the DABC that, even after they cancelled their hearing and appear (at this moment) not to be pursuing charges, he's threatening to sue on First Amendment grounds.


"There's not been one liquor law violation at Brewvies. Ever. They only allow people who are 21 in. They've never had a liquor law violation," Anderson said. "So what does the DABC do? They go out and want to censor their movies."