'Venom': Jenny Slate And Scott Haze's Characters May Have Been Revealed

Another piece of the mystery about the Venom movie's plotline may have just been solved, as the [...]

Another piece of the mystery about the Venom movie's plotline may have just been solved, as the latest character reveals seem to say a whole lot about the larger plot of the film. MCU Exchange is reporting that they have information on who actors Jenny Slate and Scott Haze are playing: Dora Skirth and Roland Treece, respectively.

Slate's character isn't one tied to Marvel Comics lore - rather, it's thought that she's an amalgamation of several minor characters. However, her position is of relevance: Skrith is reportedly a scientist at the Life Foundation, the villainous organization from the iconic Venom coic book miniseries, "Lethal Protector." Haze's character, Roland Treece, plays a direct role in "Lethal Protector": he's on the Life Foundation's Board of Director's alongside Carlton Drake (Rogue One actor Riz Ahmed).

In "Lethal Protector", Drake and Treece are part of a plot to have Veonom kidnapped, so that "spawns" of his symbiote suit could be extracted, and fitted onto loyal Life Foundation soldiers. The organization's entire hook is providing wealthy clients with advanced survivalist gear and tech that will carry them through the apocalypse, and the symbiote suit is seen as the ultimate tool to further that objective.

In a Marvel movie world where aliens are invading New York and humanity's extinction is an increasingly real threat, it only makes sense that The Life Foundation would want a superpowered leg-up to offer its clients. Depending on how Venom approaches the character's origin, it could be the foundation itself that develops the symbiote suit.

The "Ultimate" continuity had a retconned origin for Venom that involved Eddie Brock and Peter Parker's fathers developing the suit as a cure-all for disease, before corporate espionage resulted in the symbiote getting loose and bonding with Eddie to create Venom. One small tweak, and it could be the Life Foundation that Eddie Brock is investigating (as seen in the first Venom image), to solve the mystery of his father's death. That backstory would also open the door for why Eddie makes contact with Tom Holland's Peter Parker and not Spider-Man (as is the rumored format of the cameo).

Venom will hit theaters on October 5th.