'Venom' Director Has Plans for Sequels

Venom director Ruben Fleischer has plans for sequels but they are fully dependent on the first [...]

Venom director Ruben Fleischer has plans for sequels but they are fully dependent on the first film's success.

As with all comic book movies, a franchise can spawn when a high-quality film arrives. If Venom's Hall H presentation is any indication, Sony Pictures might just have a hit on its hands. It's something Fleischer is prepared to handle with his narrative in the anti-hero's first outing.

"We've definitely laid some groundwork for different directions that the franchise could go but obviously it all hinges on people's excitement about this film," Fleischer said in the interview seen in the video above. "I hope people will stay and see what seeds have been planted."

The last bit sounds like a tease of a post-credits scene which could launch the Sony Pictures property into franchise set up territory. It's something fans of all comic book films have come to expect. Whether or not it's a tie to a Peter Parker character is unknown and seems unlikely, as the director is making an effort to differentiate his film from other super hero movies.

"I'm a huge fan of comic book movies so I just tried to pick a lane that was true to the character," Fleischer told ComicBook.com in the video above. "I think inherent to the character, he's just darker, and we talked about more violent. It's just tonally different from everything else, especially when you're focusing on just Venom. He's not a sunshine kind of guy. So, it takes place at night. It's darker. More menacing. I think that within the spectrum of all these movies, there's the DC super dark, Zack Snyder type version and then there's the Marvel movies and I like to think that we're in our own zone apart from that."

Still, Fleischer admits he would like to one day see the two Marvel characters come face to face on the big screen. "I think we can all agree it would be pretty amazing to see Spider-Man and Venom face off in a film," Fleischer said during Sony's Hall H panel. "I have to think that the studio is thinking the same way and at some point down the road they're gonna run across each other's paths."

Venom is set for release on October 5, 2018.