We Cannot Unsee the 'Venom' Trailer With Googly Eyes

The reaction to the Venom trailer has been varied, with some fans happy about the authentic look [...]

The reaction to the Venom trailer has been varied, with some fans happy about the authentic look of the symbiote and others comparing it to the CGI of the '90s film Spawn.

And then there are those who think the trailer lacked something… googly.

Writer Derek Faraci posted an amazing tweet that takes Tom Hardy's transformation from Eddie Brock into Venom, and improved it one million percent with the addition of googly eyes. Take a look:

Unfortunately, don't expect to see Venom with those awesome eyes in the film. By the looks of things, Sony and director Ruben Fleischer are going for a comics-accurate portrayal of the deadly Spider-Man villain.

It looks like Venom will be based on the Marvel Comics miniseries Venom: Lethal Protector. In the storyline, the titular antihero ventures to San Francisco and runs afoul of the Life Foundation, run by Dr. Carlton Drake. They obtain a sample of the symbiote and end up creating five more monstrosities including Phage, Scream, Riot, Lasher, and Agony.

The film looks to be adapting that plot as an origin story for Eddie Brock, who will retain the character's comics profession as a journalist. But while the comic version was very slimy, lacked ethics or integrity, and was always looking for a way to make a cheap buck, Tom Hardy's take appears to be much more grounded and ethical, even if he's still willing to get dirty to track some ledes.

The Life Foundation, run by Riz Ahmed as Dr. Drake, will be the ones who get their hands on the symbiote from the crashed alien spaceship, doing some experiments on people, with word eventually getting back to Eddie. It's when he breaks into the Life Foundation facilities to get a closer look that he too bonds with the symbiote, begins speaking in the third person, and attempts to direct the violence toward "bad people" as Venom.

It's unclear at this point if the film will have any references or be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which could be a part of the marketing plan. Since it's not being done by Marvel Studios but by Sony, which still has the cinematic rights to Spider-Man's library of characters, it could just be a stand alone spinoff.

And while many people might be upset that Spider-Man won't have anything to do with his most popular villain, rumors have suggested that Tom Holland might actually make an appearance in the film…

We'll find out when Venom (sans googly eyes) appears in theaters on October 5th.