'Venom': Does the Trailer Confirm Riz Ahmed's Role?

There wasn't much to say in Sony's first Venom trailer, especially considering the title character [...]

There wasn't much to say in Sony's first Venom trailer, especially considering the title character was nowhere to be found. However, there was one shot worth talking about, and involved one of Hollywood's biggest scene-stealers, Riz Ahmed.

In one scene, Ahmed opens the back of an armored truck to reveal a container full of the alien symbiote used to create Venom. Behind him stands a group of scientists, as if Ahmed is presenting the symbiote to them for the first time.

Not only was this the one shot of the symbiote in the entire trailer, but is said a lot about Ahmed's actual role in the film, which has yet to be officially revealed. Based on clues that have been previously released, and his shining moment in this trailer, it's safe to assume Ahmed is playing Dr. Carlton Drake.

For those who don't know, Drake works for The Life Foundation, the villainous organization that attempts to weaponize the symbiote. Drake himself was responsible for creating symbiote "offspring" and combining them with the company's strongest soldiers.

This entire story comes from the Venom: Lethal Protector comics that Sony's movie is being influenced by, make it safe to assume that Drake will have a role.

Back in December, reports stated that Ahmed was indeed playing Drake, and some photos from the set went a long way to back up those claims. However, nothing official ever came from Sony, so the new couldn't be confirmed.

Many wondered whether or not the version of the Venom story told in the movie would be an exact copy of the one from the comics, or if The Life Foundation would even be involved. That changed in January, when Tom Hardy shared a photo of his character, Eddie Brock, holding a notebook. If you looked closely enough, you could see "Life Foundation" written on the page.

That does more than enough to see how Ahmed could be worked in as Carlton Drake, and it also helps make sense of a Venom movie without Spider-Man. The Lethal Protector comics make Eddie Brock a protagonist, fighting off the symbiote army created by Drake and the Life Foundation.

Hopefully, now that the trailer has been release, Sony will start spilling the beans on some of these characters, letting fans know a bit more about what they can expect.

Venom, directed by Rebun Fleischer and starring Tom Hardy, will hit theaters on October 5.