'The Punisher' Star Jon Bernthal Thanks Veterans For Their Service

Today is Veteran’s Day and Jon Bernthal, the star of Marvel’s The Punisher on Netflix, has [...]

Today is Veteran's Day and Jon Bernthal, the star of Marvel's The Punisher on Netflix, has taken the opportunity to thank all of those who serve in the armed forces for what they do.

Bernthal recorded a video message, which was Tweeted today from Marvel's official Twitter account.

"On behalf of the cast and crew and the creators of The Punisher, I want to wish you a Happy Veterans Day," Bernthal says in the video. "To all active members and veterans of American military, we want to tell you how grateful we are for the service you provide and the freedom that you give us. We care very deeply about how you feel about the show and it's been an honor to meet so many of you along the way. We really hope you enjoy the show and we want to wish you a happy and safe Veterans Day. God bless."

Marvel's The Punisher deals with issues that face veterans who have returned home and struggled to reintegrate with civilian life, be it as a result of post-traumatic stress disorder or other reasons. Bernthal's character, Frank Castle, is a veteran and that military history is a major factor in his characterization and the story of show's first season.

This isn't the first heavy issue that Bernthal has had to address in the run-up to the release of The Punisher. Following the tragic mass shooting that occurred in Las Vegas earlier this year, The Punisher's New York Comic Con premiere was canceled.

The Punisher is a character that uses a lot of guns and the Netflix series does not shy away from that. Bernthal has previously addressed the issue of gun violence, this time just after the church shooting in Texas, and defended how the Netflix series handles the issues.

"I think that all sides of the argument are sort of explored in it," Bernthal said. "Look, let's be honest, we put off the premiere of this show because of gun violence in this country and now the night before we premiere there's been another bout of it. There's been 900 gun deaths since Vegas, you know. There's clearly an issue. We clearly have a problem and what we need immediately I think is some open dialogue on it."

Marvel's The Punisher premieres Friday, November 17, 2017, on Netflix.