Video: Martin Starr Spills Spider-Man: Homecoming Spoilers On Conan

These days, it seems impossible to avoid spoilers. Between technology and paparazzi pics, fans can [...]

These days, it seems impossible to avoid spoilers. Between technology and paparazzi pics, fans can be a click away from spoiling shows or films for themselves (and maybe others). Like other studios, Marvel has done its best to keep prying eyes away from its films, and MCU cast members have joked about Marvel's so-called 'Snipers' that'll take them out if they get too wordy. However, with just a little but if persuasion, it seems like Martin Starr was willing to spill Spider-Man: Homecoming spoilers to Conan O'Brien.

Filming at San Diego Comic Con, the late-night host returned to the convention as the event's apparent Master of Ceremonies. The ginger-haired comedian took to TBS with his show and surprised fans by announcing that Starr had sent him an on-set video message from Atlanta, GA.

The video shows the actor dressed in a button-up shirt and tie, complete with rounded glasses. Starr's face appears as if it's been covered in dirt or soot, but the actor gives no explanation for his looks. He simply apologizes to fans for his absence at SDCC, saying, "Sorry I couldn't be there to hang out with you all in-person - not individually but up on stage. We'd still be very far apart."

However, Starr then catches viewers' attention when he 'promises' to reveal some spoilers about Spider-Man: Homecoming. Just before the actor can tell fans who he'll be playing in the film, the video fades to black as his answer is beeped out. The words, "Censored. Comic-Con Spoiler Police," fill the screen, and it's then that fans realize they've been played. Starr even teases that he'll give fans "a very important detail about the movie that [they] didn't have prior." But, surprise! The Spoiler Police detain the information before it can be made public.

While Starr wasn't able to give out any spoilers himself, fans are already speculating who the actor will be playing by analyzing the clip. Given the actor's wardrobe, fans such as myself are betting that Starr is playing one of Peter Parker's high school teachers in the film. Given the actor's make-up, it's likely that Starr's teaching career will be jeopardized when one of Spider-Man's villains comes in late to class.

CONAN on TBS will be filming at SDCC for the remainder of the event, so you can stay updated on the host's announcements or interviews here on our site! Given the comedian's fun-loving reputation, he'll surely have some on-point updates coming out this weekend.