Vincent D'Onofrio Talks Wilson Fisk In Daredevil Season 3

The Kingpin might be in prison at the moment, but as Daredevil fans know, that is really only a minor setback. The entrepreneur is merely biding his time, waiting for his impending release to take back Hell's Kitchen once more, a point he so poignantly made to Matt Murdock later in the season.

D'Onofrio was asked on Twitter about his role in the upcoming season of Daredevil, specifically whether it would be an expanded one or a more brief appearance like in season 2. D'Onofrio played coy.

Granted, he actually might not know anything, but when another user tweeted that he isn't watching Daredevil if he doesn't make an appearance, here is what he had to say.

"@Daredevil is a great. It started a new way of watching super hero stories. Everything that follows is because of DD I believe.#CharlieRocks"

The Daredevil echoed his sentiments with a "You heard the man." soon after.


The seeds were planted in season 2 for a Kingpin resurgence, but any upcoming season will also have to deal with the hand's possession of Elektra's body. At some point, hopefully, the creators also see fit to revitalize Bullseye the same way they did with Daredevil.

A third season of the hit Netflix show is currently planned but has yet to be scheduled. It makes sense, as the current Netflix slate consists of the upcoming Luke Cage, followed by Iron Fist, and then the Defenders. Somewhere in that mix is also a Punisher series, but that has yet to be dated.