WandaVision: "Agatha All Along" Songwriters Reveal Their Favorite Remixes

There have been many fun songs featured in WandaVision, which were written by Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez, the Oscar-winning songwriters known for Frozen and Coco. The stand-out song from the Marvel series has been "Agatha All Along," which revealed that Agnes (Kathryn Hahn) is actually Agatha Harkness. The songwriting duo recently spoke with New York Times and explained how the song came to be. They also shared their favorite remixes of the song!

"There's a trap version with a gentleman at his console, and he's like, 'I'm so tired, so tired,' and then he presses play and the most glorious thing comes out," Anderson-Lopez shared. You can check out that remix by Twitter user @lelandphilpot below:

"My personal favorite was by a very gifted rock musician who created a version that was him playing all the instruments and singing all the parts, and he finished it by like two hours after the episode had aired, without any sheet music being available. It was incredible," Lopez shared. You can view YouTuber Timmy Sean's video below:

"And there's a video of the musicology behind the song that is completely accurate," Anderson-Lopez added.

You can check out that YouTube video by Artsy Omni below:

During the interview, Lopez and Anderson-Lopez explained that they originally planned to make Agatha's theme more similar to the "That Girl" theme song, but "it just wasn't right." Anderson-Lopez shared, "So then we thought: It's a show about witches, right? So let's embrace it. What other shows are about witches and Goth figures? The Addams Family, The Munsters, the 'Monster Mash' — all these Halloween-y kind of songs that have this grinding, growling bari sax." Lopez added, "We also have an electric harpsichord, which is what they use in The Addams Family. That's the thing going dit-dit-dit-dit-dit-dit — the repeated chorus."

"Agatha All Along" has been taking the Internet by storm. In fact, it lept to number one on iTunes' soundtrack charts and has already gotten some great fan treatments, including one featuring other members of the MCU dancing along. If you're a big fan of "Agatha All Along," you can check out some of Marvel's merch here.


The first eight episodes of WandaVision are currently streaming on Disney+ with the final episode being released on Friday.