WandaVision Writer Jac Schaeffer Addresses Fate of White Vision and Scarlet Witch

One of the lingering questions fans still have about the final episode of WandaVision revolves [...]

One of the lingering questions fans still have about the final episode of WandaVision revolves around the whereabouts of White Vision. The resurrected version of Vision ends up downloading all of the original Vision's memories before flying away, never to be seen again. A lot of folks are wondering why this Vision didn't just talk with Wanda, since he has all of the memories of the original. During an interview with ET, head writer and executive producer Jac Schaeffersaid that White Vision was simply a different character. He's not the one who fell in love with Wanda.

"The way that we approached it is he's not-- He has the data, but that's not her guy. That's not the father of her children. That's not the man that she's been in the sitcom world with," Schaeffer explained. "At bare minimum, White Vision? Not funny. I don't know where the characters are going to go, and in the superhero space, I relish that the storylines, like, you're like, 'Well, that can continue.' But that it's going to be something different. The Vision that she said goodbye to, that's a complete goodbye. That's a period on that sentence."

There's a good chance we see White Vision pop up in the MCU again, but his story likely won't be about a relationship with Wanda. That door seems to be closed, as the Vision she loved is gone.

Speaking of the Vision that Wanda loved, Schaeffer went into detail about the philosophical showdown between the two versions of the character in the series finale.

"It wasn't about the directive of, where do we leave White Vision? That wasn't the focus. The focus was, how do you resolve the problem of two Visions fighting each other? Where does that end? They'll just be fighting each other until the end of time," the showrunner said. "It became clear to us that it's got to be a logic battle, right? You've got two Synthezoids with the exact same programming. It's going to come down to logic. The Vision inside the hex, we call him Soul Vision, we wanted Soul Vision to win based on something that was not only incredibly crafty and indicative of his extreme level of intelligence, but also was aligned with his journey, which is one of identity.

"So, he's only thought of himself as Vision this whole story. He hasn't been born that long. It's been a couple days. For him to surrender that authentically to his original self, I guess, it just seemed really beautiful and very smart and we loved it. And the idea of the ship of Theseus is actually Megan McDonnell, one of the other writers in the room who's writing Captain Marvel 2, she stumbled upon that thought experiment and had to explain it to us, like, eight times. We were still like, 'Wait, what is the thing?'"

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