Is Thanos Going to Marry Death?

Are the terrifying wedding bells of Titan finally going to ring throughout the pages of the Marvel [...]

Are the terrifying wedding bells of Titan finally going to ring throughout the pages of the Marvel Universe? After reading the latest issue of Thanos that certainly seems to be the case. The Mad Titan and Lady Death might actually become one very soon.

WARNING: Major Spoilers ahead for Thanos #17 from Marvel Comics. Continue reading at your own risk...

Thanos, from Donny Cates and Geoff Shaw, takes place at the end of time, where the Mad Titan has conquered the rest of the universe. After killing just about everyone else in existence, Thanos enlists the help of his younger self to slay The Fallen One, an act which he's certain will win over the heart of Death, fulfilling his lifelong dream.

As we learned a couple of issues ago, The Fallen One's true identity is Norrin Radd, formerly known as the Silver Surfer. Having spent eons proving himself worthy, Radd wields the mighty hammer Mjolnir to take on the two versions of Thanos in one final battle. Given that there were two Mad Titans and only one Silver Surfer, Radd didn't stand a chance.

The final pages of the issue saw the older Thanos bidding farewell to the younger Thanos when the battle was over. All at once, Old Thanos stops what he's doing and tells his accomplice, "Shut up and look."

Both Titans look off into the distance with desire, and the narration of the issue reads:

"For one of them, it was the end of an unwanted journey. For the was the sweetest day of his never-ending life. Because with the death of The Fallen One, King Thanos had given his mistress everything he could possibly give her. And lo, on a blackened earth at the end of everything, there was Death..."

On the very last page of the issue, Lady Death is seen walking toward the throne of King Thanos, with the continued text saying, "...Dressed for a wedding."

death thanos 17
(Photo: Marvel Entertainment)

Those familiar with the character know that Thanos has been striving to gain the love of Death throughout all of his time in the comics. Her adoration is what leads him to destroy the universe in the original Infinity Gauntlet series. Killing Norrin Radd was the final piece of the puzzle when it came to winning Death over.

Of course, the question now becomes, which Thanos will make it to the altar? There's now doubt that both of these Titans want to end the universe at her side, so there will likely be monster showdown between the two of them to win her over.

All will be revealed in Thanos #18, which hits shelves in April. Thanos #17 is currently for sale online or at your local comic book shop.