X-Force Reveals Where Wolverine Gets His Adamantium After Resurrection

One of the biggest questions from Marvel's major X-Men revamp under Jonathan Hickman's guidance [...]

One of the biggest questions from Marvel's major X-Men revamp under Jonathan Hickman's guidance came when House of X revealed that every mutant living on Krakoa could be resurrected, but what was going on with Wolverine? If Logan's body is recreated through the combined powers of The Five, did their process also recreate the Weapon X program that coated his bone structure with Adamantium? Or did he have to go through the whole inhumane and grueling procedure once again, after every resurrection? Well, now. We finally know the answer thanks to the latest issue of X-Force.

The fourth issue of the covert ops series by Benjamin Percy, Joshua Cassara, and Dean White sees Wolverine along with teammates Domino and Kid Omega enter Forge's workshop where they discover the tinkering mutant has been experimenting with Krakoan technology to make new bio-organic weapons — but Logan's eyes wander elsewhere.

Wolverine notices a large vat of Adamantium, seemingly big enough to coat his skeleton a hundred times over. When he asks Forge what the vat is for, the mechanic explains that Xavier requested it to aid in Wolverine's resurrection process, meaning that he is probably revived as a wholly organic being and needs to undergo the Adamantium coating process that he experienced in Weapon X each time he's brought back to life.

This raises a lot of questions about the ethics of Wolverine's resurrection and what Xavier forces Logan to experience each time it happens, but the comic seems to gloss over those questions with a handwave. Instead, Wolverine is seemingly interested in an upgrade and he asks Forge to work on a special weapon or divide to aid him in X-Force missions.

Forge gets to work on it, even if the readers aren't explicitly told what it is, as Wolverine waltzes toward his next impending death with terrorists blowing up a Krakoan gateway as he walks through. It looks like Forge better keep that Adamantium vat ready for yet another resurrection, which will be Wolverine's second (that we know of) since the House of X was established.

X-Force #4 is now available in comic stores and online.