'X-Men: Dark Phoenix': Magneto Reclaims His Helmet in New Footage

The X-Men will have to deal with the threat of one of their own when Dark Phoenix premieres, but [...]

The X-Men will have to deal with the threat of one of their own when Dark Phoenix premieres, but that doesn't mean they can forget about Master of Magnetism.

As 20th Century Fox gears up for the release of what could be the end of the main X-Men franchise, they're starting to release new footage of the upcoming movie. And the latest bit shows the villainous Magneto donning the infamous helmet that has since become a symbol.

It seems like the new movie will be treading familiar ground with Magneto attempting to leave his old ways behind. But instead of laying low and attempting to start a family, he'll be standing prominently in his attempts to build a nation.

Actor Michael Fassbender previously spoke about Magneto's attempts to build a haven for mutants in Genosha, teasing what fans can expect from his character when Dark Phoenix premieres.

"Well I think Genosha's a pretty cool idea and always it's that thing with Magneto, you can't really argue with his philosophies in some ways, but his methods, of course, are very extreme," Fassbender said at ACE Comic Con in Phoenix. "But what he's done in Genosha is kind of cool because he's sort of stepped out of the conflict, if you will, and said, 'Okay, just give us this place that's our own and just leave us be and we'll be self-sufficient and anybody who's willing to not bring violence to the area and pitch in and do their part, then they have a home there and they're welcome there.'

"And I think it's a pretty cool philosophy. And there's only something that happens outside of Genosha that sort of drags him away from this place that he's set up. But it was cool when [director] Simon Kinberg was developing Genosha and we were walking around it and it's like, it's sort of off-the-grid, self-sustained community. It's pretty beautiful. But then of course, then you see the other side of him once he makes the decision to do something it's go big or go home."

The moment Fassbender is likely referring to, which drags him back in the conflict, is likely what's being depicted in this clip. Erik Lehnsherr putting on that helmet and becoming Magneto will be a dramatic point in the film.

But it will probably pale in comparison to the moment where Jean Grey succumbs to the Phoenix.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix premieres in theaters on August 2nd.


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