'X-Men Gold' Writer Reveals His Opinions About Disney/Fox Purchase

Writer Marc Guggenheim is well known for his work as one of the masterminds behind The CW's [...]

Writer Marc Guggenheim is well known for his work as one of the masterminds behind The CW's Arrowverse, working with Greg Berlanti and shepherding Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow. But he's also helping bring the X-Men back to prominence with his Marvel Comics series, X-Men Gold.

So it makes sense that we'd ask his opinions on the tentative deal for Walt Disney Company acquiring entertainment assets of 20th Century Fox, potentially bringing Marvel's Merry Mutants to the MCU.

"As a writer, I'm not a big fan of these big corporate consolidations," Guggenheim told ComicBook.com in an exclusive interview. "I don't think they're necessarily good for writers, directors, producers, and actors. I also, as an American, don't love these big corporate mergers. I don't think they're necessarily good for the country.

"That said, as a comic book fan and just as a fan of these characters, the idea of Marvel Studios getting their hands on Fantastic Four and X-Men, I'm willing to overlook any anti-trust issues that this deal may present. To me, putting these characters in Kevin Feige's hands is worth anything. Go ahead."

Guggenheim is obviously conflicted, much like anyone who weighs all the pros and cons of the potential deal would be.

Some fans were under the impression that Marvel Comics, who in years past downplayed the prominence of the X-Men in favor of the Inhumans, thought that the announcement of X-Men "Resurrexion" push made more sense in light of the Fox deal. Guggenheim squashed that idea, stressing that the new comics initiative was unrelated.

"Well I will say the push we did with Resurrection, that pre-dated the Fox/Disney merger by a year. I don't anyone to come away with the impression that that happened because of the merger," Guggenheim said. "That all happened long before the merger was a gleam in [Disney chairman] Bob Iger's eye. I don't know sort of how Marvel, I'm not privy to how Marvel makes their publishing decisions. I'm just really glad that the X-Men are having a moment because I love the X-Men. I approach this as a fan more than a writer."

X-Men Gold comes out twice a month from Marvel Comics. Issue #20 will be available this Wednesday, January 17.