X-Men Producer Lauren Schuler Donner Hasn't Seen Dark Phoenix Yet

Dark Phoenix is currently in theaters and while a lot of people have seen the X-Men film, there [...]

Dark Phoenix is currently in theaters and while a lot of people have seen the X-Men film, there are still plenty who haven't for various reasons -- waiting for home release, put off by the film's less than great reviews, just haven't had the time, etc. However, when it comes to one person who you'd expect to have seen Simon Kinberg's most recent take on the Dark Phoenix story -- producer Lauren Shuler Donner -- you might be surprised to find out that she hasn't' seen it. Yet.

In an interview with Slashfilm, Shuler Donner, who made it clear that she was not directly involved with Dark Phoenix, having stepped back after Days of Future Past, revealed that she hasn't yet seen Dark Phoenix but is confident she'll be happy with things.

"I have to be honest with you, I have not seen it yet," Shuler Donner said. "I'm sure I will be, but I have not seen it."

Shuler Donner being happy with Dark Phoenix has a particular significance since she produced the X-Men franchises' first attempt at the story, X-Men: The Last Stand, which Kinberg also wrote. However, Kinberg took a different approach to the story this time around, something producer Hutch Parker explained a bit to ComicBook.com earlier this year.

"This is pretty different than the third movie," he explained. "I mean the decision here, it was really Simon [Kinberg]'s decision was to tell the Dark Phoenix story but really tell it as Jean's story. So that was first and foremost. So it's a much more thorough investigation of that saga of the story at that heart of the saga and much truer to Jean as a character. I think you're right that one of the challenges was how do we balance what is in the comics in the galactic and intergalactic nature of that storyline with wanting to stay more Earth centric. And you know, we obviously made the decision to include some of that, but to keep it rooted in and around the characters we've come to know and love within the X-Men."

Shuler Donner's comments about not having yet seen Dark Phoenix aren't her first about the film. After Dark Phoenix opened and was poorly received, Shuler Donner took to Twitter to distance herself from the movie.

"Save your condolences. I had zero, nothing to do with Dark Phoenix. Or Apocalypse, or New Mutants."

Dark Phoenix is now playing in theaters.