X-Men Writer Jonathan Hickman Reveals Several Big Errors in Marvel's House of X

When it comes to establishing a brand new status quo, you gotta crack a few golden eggs in order [...]

When it comes to establishing a brand new status quo, you gotta crack a few golden eggs in order to create a utopian omelette. So fans shouldn't be surprised to learn that new X-Men writer Jonathan Hickman made a few errors while writing the two franchise-changing miniseries House of X and Powers of X. And while some fans have already pointed out one glaring change, the writer himself addressed some other issues that have occurred over the course of his popular collaborations with Pepe Larraz, RB Silva, and Marte Gracia.

While answering a fan question from Twitter user Perpetua for Adventures in Poor Taste, Hickman revealed that the change from Krakoa "No Place" to "No Space" was an error, but also revealed two more big mistakes.

"The other two glaring screw-ups were 'Galm' in #1 (it was supposed to read 'Mars'), and the Forge-Xavier scene in Powers of X #5 not working continuity wise," Hickman revealed. "The problem there was we got the character art wrong but because we were racing against the clock instead of having RB tweak things, we were just going to have Marte fudge with it color-wise to make it ambiguous, but that's right when he got sick. So we just ate that one."

He added, "These things are bummers, but they always happen when you have the deadlines we do."

The writer also addressed supposed continuity errors during a question from someone named Murphy Leigh.

"Can you explain why you've smashed Genosha, House of M, "Messiah Complex," the Utopia period, the Schism, all of Wolverine and the X-Men, Secret Wars II, Civil War II, IVX, and Uncanny X-Men vol. 5 into a three-year period for Moira X? It doesn't make sense in a book so fixed on time passing."

Hickman responded that it doesn't make sense in the strict sense of time that we experience it, but according to the ongoing shift in Marvel's own timeline it does work.

"You're right. The math doesn't work. The math also doesn't work for a single other long-running book in the Marvel universe. I personally don't believe that those things took place in that duration of time, but on a sliding continuity timeline, I'm also wrong."

Basically his response here is "don't think about it too much," and it will all work out.

We'll see how future X-Men comics continue to change the franchise, but fans can see their first adventure in a post-House of X world with X-Men #1 now available in stores and online.