Adam Sandler Pays Tribute to Late Cameron Boyce

Adam Sandler paid tribute to the late Cameron Boyce on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. The comedian is usually all laughs, but he had some really kind things to say about the young actor. Last year, the Descendants star died in his sleep from "sudden expected death in epilepsy" according to the Los Angeles Country Medical Examiner-Coroner confirmed. Disney stars and other actors all flocked to offer kind words about the young actor. With Jessie and Descendants being two very popular shows on the Disney Channel, a lot of fans were heartbroken by the news last summer. Sandler dedicated Hubie Halloween to Boyce and explained why.

"He passed away just a few days before filming," the star began. "That kid was a great kid. His family is amazing. I know him from Grown-ups. He was a little kid in Grown-ups. I watched him become a superstar. My kids worshiped him. He came to my daughter's bat mitzvah. He came and literally signed, there were 400 kids there, and he signed all the kids autographs. He would always have these charity things going on. He would bug me, for charity stuff. Never cared about anything else. Just a nice solid, talented kid."

After his death, his parents talked to GMA about their son, and they shared some memories of his giving spirit.

"He didn't want his epilepsy to define him, either," Libby Boyce said. "He loved life. He was kind of in a place — this is for me the hardest thing — he was in a place where he was truly happy. Cameron was always happy, never a negative thing came out of his mouth, never. But he was just really finding his groove… He was really getting into the charity stuff, really getting into what he wanted to do with his voice, which is what we always told him to do. Use your voice, use it to make positive in the world. And that's what he was starting to do."

"The night he passed away, we were out to dinner with him, just hours before. It was a completely normal, beautiful family night out to dinner," Victor Boyce told Good Morning America last year. "There was no indication that anything was wrong. I mean, there's no way to know in hours my son would be dead. It was just staggeringly crazy and horrible. We were texting that night."


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