Outlaws Rule in New Apache Junction Trailer

The new Western Apache Junction will take audiences back to a tried-and-true genre, as the film aims to offer all the grit and gristle one would expect from a gun-slinging adventure, as witnessed in the film's first trailer, seen above Adding even more authenticity to the experience is that the project stars country music star Trace Adkins, who is joined by Thomas Jane, Scout Taylor-Compton, and Stuart Townsend. The film comes from writer and director Justin Lee. Check out the first trailer for Apache Junction above before the film lands in theaters, On Demand, and on Digital HD on September 24th.

Apache Junction is an outpost of lawlessness, a haven for thieves and cold-blooded killers. After big-city reporter Annabelle Angel (Scout Taylor-Compton) arrives to write an article on the town, she becomes a target when notorious gunslinger Jericho Ford (Stuart Townsend) comes to her aid. Now Annabelle must entrust her future to a man with a deadly past, as Jericho heads toward a tense showdown in this thrilling Western that unloads a double-barreled blast of action. Co-starring country music superstar Trace Adkins and Thomas Jane.

Jane has earned a lot of attention from Marvel fans in recent years, as he played Frank Castle back in 2004's The Punisher. Despite that film not being a major success at the time, Jon Bernthal's take on the character for Netflix saw audiences revisiting that previous experience, and the recent live-action explorations of crossovers between cinematic universes has resulted in hope that Jane could reprise the character for a new project.

While such an opportunity might be immediately apparent, Jane himself noted that he'd be interested in directing Bernthal for a Punisher project.

"If the fans wanted me to come back and play Frank, and the script was something, and when we found a director and a script where we really felt that we could put a stamp on this character, there is so much to that Frank Castle and the Punisher, and his world," Jane shared with ComicBook.com last year. "We couldn't make a dark film when we did Punisher in 2004. We couldn't go as dark because people just hadn't trusted, on the production side, that fans would be into that. But, now we've got shows like The Boys and, of course, The Dark Knight came out after The Punisher, where I think that producers and studios are now aware that there's a real audience for the darkness, the Taxi Driver-esque quality that you could pull out of a Frank Castle, and that hasn't been done. And I would love to do that. But again, we have to take it to a place where, frankly, The Punisher has always wanted to go."

Apache Junction lands in theaters, On Demand, and on Digital HD on September 24th.