Army of the Dead Director Zack Snyder Breaks Silence on Sequel Plans

Before Army of the Dead even hit Netflix, the streamer already pushed two spinoffs into [...]

Before Army of the Dead even hit Netflix, the streamer already pushed two spinoffs into development. On one hand, you have Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas, a prequel series from Netflix Anime; then you have Army of Thieves, a live-action origin film based on Dieter, the character played by Matthias Schweighöfer. As for direct sequels, Army of the Dead helmer Zack Snyder says he knows where the story goes from here should movie-goers think it's worth it.

"Look, if there was ever a desire for more Army of the Dead, Shay and I know exactly where the story goes. So, yeah, we're ready," Snyder recently told Entertainment Tonight.

If you've seen Army of the Dead, you'll know that most opportunities for further storytelling wrapped up in various spoiler-filled ways. One such story that could be told, however, involves Omari Hardwick's Vanderohe. When it comes to Harwick, he's most definitely on board.

"There is hope for all of you fans who don't mind looking at Omari's mug, or don't mind following my journey as an actor. There is some hope," Hardwick told ET. "There definitely have been some talks about the maybes, the maybes and the ifs."

Army of the Dead returned Snyder to his filmmaking roots, allowing him to serve as both director and cinematographer.

"When I made TV commercials, I was the director-cameraman. You know, for 12 years, and pretty much not every job but most of the jobs I shot myself. And I just really enjoy it," Snyder previously told I Minutemen. "And really, part of the reason is that you know, the bigger the movies got, the further away you get from the camera. The more infrastructure there is between you and the sort of cinematic experience. You don't touch the world as closely."

He continued, "And so, I just felt like with Army it was a great opportunity to just get really close to the photography and to the actors. Frankly, everyone's like 'how can you shoot the movie and direct the movie' and I'm like it's incredibly easy because the actors are like right there and conversation is easy. The pace is easy because I can just work that way. It's just really nice."

Zack Snyder's Army of the Dead is now streaming on Netflix.