Artemis Fowl's Rotten Tomatoes Score Is Out and It's Not Looking Good

With summer movie season currently on hold, this Friday represents the biggest day in movies so [...]

With summer movie season currently on hold, this Friday represents the biggest day in movies so far this year. Netflix is releasing Spike Lee's Da 5 Bloods, Judd Apatow and Pete Davidson's The King of Staten Island will be available on-demand, and the live-action adaptation of Artemis Fowl, which was supposed to be released in theaters but was sent to Disney+ in the wake of the pandemic. The first two films on this list are already proving to be hits with critics around the country. Sadly, Artemis Fowl isn't following suit.

The review embargo for Artemis Fowl was lifted on Thursday morning, bringing the first wave of thoughts from ciritcs to the forefront. It became immediately clear in that moment that there was a reason Disney opted to move Artemis Fowl to streaming. It's getting torn apart.

So far, 45 reviews of Artemis Fowl have been submitted to Rotten Tomatoes to count towards the film's overall score. 38 of them have been negative, leaving only seven good reviews out of the bunch and giving Artemis Fowl a disappointing 15% score.

Most reviews, including's, knock the film for its attempt to build a bigger world and start a franchise without actually putting any care into the story it's trying to tell. Most agree that the film as a whole is confusing, messy, and just not at all interesting.

Artemis Fowl may be the biggest budget movie coming out this weekend, but it's far from the best, that's for sure. Then again, the other two major releases are going for totally different audiences. Da 5 Bloods is a Vietnam War epic driven by racial injustice, and The King of Staten Island is about a 20-something slacker who tries to move on after the death of his father. Both are rated R and not at all meant for families. With Artemis Fowl being the only option this week for younger audiences, and given the fact that it's streaming free on Disney+, it'll probably be viewed by quite a few households, despite the negative reviews.

Are you still planning to watch Artemis Fowl this weekend? Have the negative reviews thrown you off? Let us know in the comments!

Artemis Fowl will be available to stream on Disney+ on June 12th. You can read's full review here.