Avengers Movie Super Bowl Trailer: Five Big Questions Raised

Earlier this week we raised the question of whether the Avengers Super Bowl movie commercial [...]

Earlier this week we raised the question of whether the Avengers Super Bowl movie commercial and/or the Super Bowl would live up to the hype. The resounding answer was they both lived up to the hype and then some. The Super Bowl came down to an unsuccessful Hail Mary pass into the end zone, and the Avengers movie preview offered extended footage online. However, while we definitely know who won the Super Bowl, the Avengers movie trailer left us with some big questions. Here are our top five big questions from the Avengers movie footage.

Avengers Who Are The Aliens?Who are the aliens?

It's the big mystery of the Avengers movie. Everyone has a theory. Some say Badoons, others say Frost Giants, still others say Atlanteans, and maybe even Annihilus and his minions. The extended trailer gives us the best look yet of the aliens, and while it's easy to rule out some alien races from the comics, the images aren't quite clear enough to make a one hundred percent positive id.

Avengers Aliens JumpingWhat are the aliens jumping off of?

And speaking of the aliens, what exactly are they jumping off of. Is it some type of giant spaceship? Or are they coming out of an interdimensional portal?  Or is it the tale of the much rumored Leviathan (sea monster)?

Avengers Thor No HelmetWill Thor ever wear his helmet again?

There are a lot of big name stars in The Avengers, so we get that Marvel wants to show their faces. But Captain America is shown wearing his mask and Iron Man is shown wearing his full suit of armor, so why does Thor never seem to be wearing his helmet, even in the midst of battle. Did someone in Marvel's market research department do a study that determined Chris Hemsworth's hair was too gorgeous to ever cover up?

Avengers Smaller HulkHas the Hulk gotten smaller?

If you noticed the Incredible Hulk appears to be a little bit smaller than he was in his previous solo movie. The images above that show Hulk standing in a circle with the Avengers show he is just a little taller than the rest of the group, while in the Incredible Hulk movie he towered over normal-sized people. Previous comments by Marvel Studios head had suggested Hulk could be smaller in The Avengers, but now we know for sure.

Avengers Hawkeye Who?Who is this guy with the bow and arrow?

We don't recognize this guy from any of the promotional material. He only shows up briefly in a group shot and once solo where he appears to be falling to his death. (We're kidding of course. We know it's Hawkeye. Just making a little joke about him getting less screen time than all the other Avengers.)