Baby Driver 2: Edgar Wright Confirms Script Is Finished

Edgar Wright is known for an array of films ranging from Shaun of the Dead to Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. However, it was 2017's Baby Driver that received the most critical praise, earning three Oscar nominations. Two years ago, the director revealed that he had finished the first draft for a sequel and it was announced one year ago Sony had greenlit the movie. According to Wright's recent interview with Variety, the script for Baby Driver 2 is officially complete.

"It's written," Wright shared of the Baby Driver sequel. "I've actually written three drafts of it.. It's funny, you get fans on social media saying, 'What's happening to blah blah,' and you know there's a global pandemic, right?," Wright added with a laugh. "Some things are beyond even me."

Last year, it was reported that the studio was looking for a new woman lead, said to act "as a foil to Lily James' character Debora." Production was originally expected to begin late last year, but it sounds like things are still on hold thanks to COVID-19. It was also previously reported that Ansel Elgort would be reprising his as the titular character with James returning as well as Jon Bernthal and CJ Jones.

In addition to waiting on a Baby Driver sequel, Wright fans are also eager to see his upcoming movie, Last Night in Soho. The film has been delayed a couple of times. In fact, it was reported last week that it had been pushed back yet again. The film had originally been set for September of last year but was moved to this April, and now is scheduled for October 22nd.

"Some news - my new film @lastnightinsoho will now be coming out later in the year," Wright tweeted. "I know some of you may be disappointed, but my hope is more of you will be able to experience it as we intended; in the dark, on a big screen, with an audience. See you at the movies...10/22/21."


You can read the film's description here: "In 2019, Eloise (Thomasin McKenzie), a young woman from the country, arrives in London to pursue her passion for fashion design. Things don't go great. Meanwhile, in 1965, singer Sandy (Anya Taylor-Joy) similarly discovers that the big city's supposedly gold-paved streets are riven with cracks that can swallow you whole."

Stay tuned for more news about Baby Driver 2!