Batkid Invited To Amazing Spider-Man 2 Premiere By Andrew Garfield

Following all the confusion about Andrew Garfield and Miles “Batkid” Scott’s appearance at [...]

Andrew Garfield and Batkid

Following all the confusion about Andrew Garfield and Miles "Batkid" Scott's appearance at the Oscars not materializing, US Magazine is reporting that Garfield invited Miles to the premiere of The Amazing Spider-Man 2. This comes after Garfield spent a day with the Scott family at Disneyland when their segment for the Oscars was cut due to time constraints. Garfield was originally scheduled to introduce a montage of cinematic heroes at the Oscars, and then induct Batkid into the Fraternity of Superheroes. When Garfield and Batkid both were missing from the broadcast, and Chris Evans showed up in Garfield's place, conflicting stories began to appear about what exactly transpired backstage. Earlier today, after a swirl of bad press made it necessary, a picture of Garfield going through a mock ceremony with Miles in the Scott family's hotel room was released online, seeming to confirm that Garfield spent the day with Miles and his family, as the Academy had said. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will open nationwide on May 2, 2014.