The Batman: Warner Bros. Issues Statement on Robert Pattinson COVID-19 Diagnosis

The Batman's Robert Pattinson has tested positive for COVID-19 and Warner Bros. has issued a statement. The Internet was shocked to learn that the newest Bruce Wayne was the person on set that contracted the virus. Production on The Batman shut down as a result and many are wondering what this means for both Matt Reeves' movie and the health of the leading man. Well, WarnerMedia Studios and Networks head Ann Sarnoff has commented on the situation with the DC Comics movie star. She told Deadline that the investigation is still very much ongoing and they have to wait until more information comes in to provide a reliable timetable for when they can return to production. Things had been looking up for Reeves' film as the cast and crew were managing well in the first steps toward getting the show back on the road.

"We're still in the middle of investigating what is the situation," Sarnoff explained. "We're pausing temporarily for now until we have more information, but we have all the protocols set up to do contact tracing and hopefully get back up into production very soon."'s Russ Burlingame broke down the typical procedure with positive tests earlier today as the news came down from Vanity Fair.

"Typically the quarantine time with a positive test is two weeks, and as far as production resuming, we'll have to wait and see how the studio proceeds," he wrote. "Every studio seems to handle positive tests a bit differently, but it stands to reason that the star of the film would be difficult to continue without."

"Since the start of the pandemic, there has been speculation that returning to production on big tentpole blockbusters would be difficult, given the sheer number of people on set at any given time," Burlingame continued. "Superhero movies are even more challenging, given the frequent need for long sits in the makeup chair or intimate contact with numerous people who help them on and off with makeup, tight-fitting costumes, or the rigs needed to simulate flight or other superheroic abilities."

Reeves talked about his take on Batman at DC FanDome last month.

"...That idea of being that driven by your past, and by the things that you can't quite resolve in yourself," Reeves explained. "Like he's a very alive character and to me to tell a version of Batman where, again, it wasn't about how we became Batman. But, it's about the early days of how he is Batman and he is so far from being perfect and watch us sort of see him becoming what we all know about him and see it in new ways. I felt like that was a way to do something that hasn't been done. And that was really what I was excited to be able to do in this iteration."


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