Batman v Superman Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan on DCEU Return: “We’ll See”

Batman v. Superman actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan says that “we’ll see,” about his DCEU return. A [...]

Batman v. Superman actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan says that "we'll see," about his DCEU return. A lot of DC Extended Universe fans are wondering if they will be seeing his version of Thomas Wayne as a part of the rumored Flashpoint plot in the company's upcoming films. 'The Walking Dead star joined's Brandon Davis for an exclusive interview about the show along with Khary Payton, Ross Marquand, Paola Lazaro, and Norman Reedus. While most of the conversation revolved around finishing the season TWD, Morgan couldn't resist having a little fun when asked about Michael Keaton flying in to play the elder Wayne. Give the Negan actor credit, he was able to have a laugh about the established actor possibly taking his spot.

"Michael Keaton swooped in and took my gig," Morgan joked. "Naw, I think that's super cool. Ever since Zack Snyder walked away, my whole kind of bit in that world has walked away with him. However, there's always a chat going on. So, we'll see!"

In some previous comments to, the actor reiterated that he would love to be back for another DC movie, but admitted that the road there isn't exactly clear right now.

"Look, I don't know, I mean if there's a chance that would ask me, I'd say yes. I think the Flashpoint story is, it's my favorite story. I would love to do it. But, you know, DC is DC and they're, you know, it's a constant... it seems like they're always kinda switching up who's running it and what they're gonna do," Morgan observed. "So hopefully, what I'd like to see is a little continuity with DC, have them get on the track, and then, man I'd be honored and love to do it more than anything."

Back in 2017 during a panel, Morgan talked about how long he's known Zack Snyder and his desire to play Thomas Wayne.

"Zack [Snyder] and I go back to Watchmen days," he explained. "So I've got a little bit of relationship with the DC losers. He called me a year before we shot that...I met Lauren. It was great. I still see Lauren. It was great and yeah, is there another plan for that Thomas Wayne character? We'll see. I don't know. I would love to be the dark Batman. That's the darkest Batman there is. God knows I embrace the darkness."

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