Battleship's Cinema Sins in Six Minutes or Less

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"Why are military guys in movies always saying they didn't sign up for this s--t when it's exactly the kind of s--t they sign up for?" That's a fine question, and one of many in the Cinema Sins look at Battleship. In six minutes, they eviscerate one of last year's great stinkers--a movie whose return on investment was about on par with John Carter's, but which was even worse than that because it had Rihanna. Apparently the fans have found this one to be a bit overdue--the YouTube description says "Here are all the sins in the "film" Battleship. You can now stop asking for it, including the guy that keeps emailing every week." And next week? Apparently another comic book movie. Since they've already done three of the four from last year, we assume they'll either have to travel back in time a little bit, or it will be Dredd 3D.