Big Hero 6 Director Addresses Possibility of a Sequel (Exclusive)

Strange World is hitting theatres next week and will reunite Raya and the Last Dragon's writing and directing duo, Don Hall and Qui Nguyen. Hall is no stranger to working with Disney Animation Studios and is perhaps best known for helming the Academy Award-winning film, Big Hero 6. Earlier this year, the movie got a "spiritual sequel" on Disney+ titled Baymax, a series that followed the beloved Baymax independently of the Big Hero team. However, fans are still hoping for another movie.'s Liam Crowley recently had the chance to chat with Hall, and asked if a Big Hero 6 sequel is coming. 

"No no," Hall replied when asked if there has been any chatter about a theatrical sequel to Big Hero 6. "I've had my hands full with this movie, we literally just finished it," he added with a laugh. "I'm looking forward to taking a little break and letting my brainy brain rest. So no, there's been no discussions about that." 

While Hall has no current plans to bring back Big Hero 6, Baymax voice actor Scott Adsit previously told that he's hoping for another movie. 

"Yeah, I think we could. No one's telling me about it, but it certainly plays out in my head a lot," Adsit replied when asked if there could be another Big Hero 6 film. "I was hoping that the movie would get finished and I would still have the role at the end of the process, that was about as far as it went," Adsit added of his experience making the movie. "And then in the back of my head, I was thinking maybe I'll be a key chain one day. So all of this other stuff is just gravy and it's just wonderful. It just kind of, it keeps me afloat. It keeps coming back and saying, 'We did a good job, all of us,' and they want to keep going. So it's very rewarding to get to work with these people at Disney, because they're also creative and wonderful and kind themselves, so that's a real joy." 

What Inspired Don Hall to Make Strange World?

As for Strange World, talked to Hall and Nguyen earlier this year and they explained why the upcoming movie is a "love letter" to their families and the thesis of "How do we become good ancestors?"

"I'll just be honest. I won't beat around the bush, even though I have the co-director title on this one versus being just a writer on RayaRaya in a lot of ways, felt much more personal to me than this one," Nguyen explained. "I got to be a bit more of a north star on that one because it meant so much culturally to me, and on here, I feel like I'm much more of a shepherd to Don's vision because it's such a personal story for Don." 

Nguyen continued, "Strange World, which is what makes me excited to work on it, feels... and animation is so hard to do this, versus live action, to do a very personal story because there are so many people involved. When it comes to this one, though, I do think this is one of those, if there was a Miyazaki-esque, a la director-driven, singular-vision film, like Miyazaki does in Studio Ghibli, this to me ... is the one that I'm like, 'Oh, I look at this film and I can see Don, not just him as a director, but him as a human being.'" 

Strange World opens in theaters on November 23rd.