Baymax Star Thinks Big Hero 6 Sequel Movie Could Still Happen

Big Hero 6 was released back in 2014 and the beloved character Baymax returned in Big Hero 6: The Series, Disney Television Animation's hand-drawn sequel series that ran for three seasons on DisneyXD. This week, Baymax returned once again in Baymax!, a new Disney+ show that marks the first-ever animated series from Walt Disney Animation Studios. Scott Adsit has returned to voice the titular character, and he recently had a chat with's Brandon Davis about the possibility of another Big Hero 6 movie.

"Yeah, I think we could. No one's telling me about it, but it certainly plays out in my head a lot," Adsit replied when asked if there could be another Big Hero 6 film. "I was hoping that the movie would get finished and I would still have the role at the end of the process, that was about as far as it went," Adsit added of his experience making the movie. "And then in the back of my head, I was thinking maybe I'll be a key chain one day. So all of this other stuff is just gravy and it's just wonderful. It just kind of, it keeps me afloat. It keeps coming back and saying, 'We did a good job, all of us,' and they want to keep going. So it's very rewarding to get to work with these people at Disney, because they're also creative and wonderful and kind themselves, so that's a real joy." 

When Baymax! was announced during a Disney investors call, Don Hall stated, "The series really focuses on Baymax's original protocol, which is to be a nurse robot." It's a unique opportunity, as Big Hero 6 was Disney Animation's big foray into the superhero genre. However, the Oscar-winning film was all about a friendly care provider being forced into the role of a vengeful superhero – but it was the more mundane scenes of Baymax interacting with normal people in non-heroic situations that provided a lot of the underlying charm of Big Hero 6. And without a doubt, Baymax is the biggest merchandising earner for that franchise – far more so than the titular "Big Heroes" that make up the rest of the team. 

In addition to Adsit, Baymax! also features the vocal talents of Ryan Potter, Dichen Lachman, Sarah-Nicole Robles, Maya Rudolph, and more. 


The first season of Baymax! is now streaming on Disney+.