Baymax: Big Hero 6 Spinoff See Heroes Differently

Big Hero 6 introduced moviegoers to a world of super heroes. In the film, Hiro Hamada (Ryan Potter) meets Baymax (Scott Adsit) and the two find themselves doing what many think of when the topic of super heroes; they made themselves some super suits, formed a team, and took on an enemy in a kabuki mask! This time around, Baymax has his own spinoff series independently of the Big Hero team in the form of his self-titled Baymax series on Disney+. With Scott Adsit returning for the role, the actor spoke with about how the new series provided an opportunity to show Baymax as a different kind of super hero.

"Well, in this story we're seeing him the way he was designed to be," Adsit said. This is, 'What if Tadashi hadn't died, if there was no villain to come up against in the movie?' This is what Baymax would be doing every day is, going out and helping as much as he can. He's kind of unique in that he can kind of patrol the city in his little suitcase and inflate when he is needed. But he is essentially, a first responder, a medical professional and that's his own kind of superhero-ing."

During a press conference for Baymax, the creatives behind the series likened Baymax's role to super heroes in our real world. "Every episode is actually dedicated to our healthcare heroes because we're living in a time where our healthcare providers are in fact heroes," Baymax producer Roy Conli said. " So, I would say that he is in his current form of being a healthcare provider a hero." As the series shows, that also calls for a super heroic effort which is sometimes relentless. Baymax runs into patients who are afraid to be helped or need help in ways which both they and Baymax are unaware of. As Baymax uses his medical skills to get people back into good health, he also helps people accept themselves and feel good mentally.

When Adsit signed on for playing the part of Baymax, he never knew he would get a chance to take the role this far and show so many different ways the character can help others. Big Hero 6 released eight years ago in 2014. Now, in 2022, Baymax is its own spinoff series set in the same San fransokyo world. "I was hoping that the movie would get finished and I would still have the role at the end of the process, that was about as far as it went," Adsit recalled. "And then in the back of my head, I was thinking maybe I'll be a key chain one day. So all of this other stuff is just gravy and it's just wonderful. It just kind of, it keeps me afloat. It keeps coming back and saying, 'We did a good job, all of us,' and they want to keep going. So it's very rewarding to get to work with these people at Disney, because they're also creative and wonderful and kind themselves, so that's a real joy."

Big Hero 6 has spawned spinoffs in the past, with Baymax simply being the latest. However, a sequel film to a Big Hero 6 is not totally off the table and Adsit still seems to have some hope for it to come to fruition.


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